How I’m Learning Ethical Hacking / Cybersecurity Right Now

I’ve told you that I’m not an expert in cybersecurity, but how much do I actually know? Where am I at right now, and what am I doing to learn more?

Well, the great thing about teaching myself coding and cybersecurity is that there are a lot of amazing tools out there online.

Currently, I love completing challenges in the CyberStart program, which Americans can access for free through CyberStart America. I just earned a silver badge (awarded for 50k+ points), and I’m excited to keep going!

CyberStart has taught me a lot of the basics for ethical hacking, and now I have finally decided that I’m ready to dive right in and start trying CTFs (CTF stands for Capture the Flag, a type of coding challenge: click here to learn more). I’ve already started some of picoCTF‘s practice challenges, and I’m going to try a real CTF on Sunday.

I’ll probably fail miserably, but at least I’ll have a good time trying (and I’ll hopefully learn something from it)! Wish me luck!

There really are tons of resources out there, and I’ve only just started learning. If you have a recommendation for me, or if you want to share what you’re learning, I’d love to hear it!

Best of luck to all of you!

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